Friday, October 19, 2007

Time to Blog

Jeez, I haven't blogged in over a month, I've been busy with work etc., but mostly I have been utterly discouraged with the run-up to the 08 election. Just like every other American election $$$ is king, Hillary has it and now she is lording over the others and acting like she is already the nominee. Very discouraging. On a better note I am going to see The Police in a few weeks, I was a bit too young to catch them the first time around so I am excited about this chance. I have to start blogging more.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fascism On The Rise

The boys on the right would be proud of this Republic and the direction we are headed. Free speech seems to be as endangered today as it was in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Cops tasering a kid in Florida because he went on too long in questioning John Kerry, tear gassing anti-war demonstrators in DC, Invading 3rd world countries to force "democracy" on them at gunpoint and then we deny civil liberties at home? Nice example for the rest of the world. I have always feared the rise of the police state after discovering George Orwell in high school, and now seeing the actions of my government and its agents I fear it even more. I mean c'mon the Patriot Act? Renaming 9-11 "Patriots Day." Our civil liberties are in danger from the right and the left in this country. Hillary Clinton kicks the code pink anti-war group out of her speeches, W does not allow protestors within earshot of his appearances. Things are getting bad, and we have to speak out. If we don't, we'll wake up one morning and realize our birthright given to us by the Founders is gone. powerful forces in this country would very much like to limit your right to speak freely, assemble, and bear arms. We must be vigilent.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Has It Been Six Years?

Every 9-11 anniversary brings the reality of that most horrible of days back full force. Today as we remember those that died at the hands of brutal medieval fanatics, I can't help but realize how ironic it is when a 4-star General Officer tells my Senator that he is "not sure" if the US presence is making us any safer. Of course it isn't. Finishing the war in Afghanistan, spending money on port security, that would make us safer, but we can't afford this due to the bleeding of funds and lives in Iraq. Each anniversary since W invaded Iraq I find myself more pissed than ever at how the neocon cabal took advantage of a gullible US publics anger and fear after 9-11 to start an utterly unnecessary war that has had a terrible cost. As a Democratic victory looms in 08 I can only hope that the current regime hasn't brought us too far over the precipice.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big Show

A friend of my wife and I, just scored tickets for us to see Elvis Costello and Dylan in Charlottesville Va, later this month. I am beside myself. I love both of these guys and them playing together is a great billing. I saw Dylan and Willie Nelson a few years back when they were touring minor league ballparks and that was a cool show, but this promises to be great. This is my 5th Dylan show and my 3rd time seeing Elvis. I was a huge Elvis fan in high school, I especially love Armed Forces and Trust, some of his 90's work was a not so hot, but I really like his last record, The Delivery man. I really like Dylans newer records, but as anyone who has seen him live knows his shows can be spotty. My first time seeing him was in 91 and he was wasted and the show was horrid, but the past two shows I have seen he was great, except for the annoying insistance of never playing guitar, just keyboard. Nevertheless I can't wait.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What A Week

So the week starts off with the incompetent little Attorney Generallissimo quitting the ship, and then we get a GOP Senator from Idaho who is staunchly anti gay marriage, anti gays in the armed services, voted to impeach Clinton, and has run as a "family values" conservative, getting outed for trying to solicit gay sex in an airport mensroom. Excuse me for gloating but teehee. Foley, Vitter, Rev. Haggard, and this guy, can't conservatives keep it in their pants? These clowns who crucified Bill Clinton, well it looks like the chickens have indeed come home to roost. One more nail in the GOP coffin.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Genealogy, And Family History

I've been researching a few branches of my family tree lately, a task I have done in the past, but which is much simpler now with the many tools available online. I always knew that the English and Scottish branches of my family came to America in the early 17th century, but I had never really dug into their lives before that. Interesting stuff to find out why your ancestors decided to seek a better life. Mine were small farmers and landholders who saw an opportunity for a better life and some upward mobility in the colonies, not so different from the later immigrants to Ellis Island or todays immigrants from Latin America. The promise of a better future for oneself and ones family is a powerful motivator. That is the main reason why I can't support those who wish to close the borders. I know amnesty to people who have broken the law isn't right, but can you blame people for doing what millions of our forebearers have done as well? I'm all for new immigrants doing what past immigrants have done, learn English, obey the law, pay taxes, and be good citizens, but I also think it should be easier for folks to become citizens. Immigration is a tough issue, it always has been, but for this country to remain a beacon to poor immigrants, we have to welcome those who sincerely desire citizenship.


Obligatory Dog Pics

I love dogs.


Monday, August 13, 2007

The Architect's Legacy

The Machiavelli of Mayberry, Reichs Chancellor Karl Rove resigned today. Ironically I received the September issue of The Atlantic Monthly last week and the cover article was "Lessons of a failed presidency, Why Karl Rove couldn't deliver." Talk about timing, it was a well written piece by the journalist Joshua Green. Rove's brand of electioneering was simple, brutal, and effective. His lust for power and subsequent hubris with members of Congress and even others in the White House made him a hated figure even among House GOP leaders. Will Rove leaving affect anything at this lame duck stage of W's presidency? I doubt it, but it sure feels good to see the co*****ker leaving in a bit of a disgrace. In some ways we as Democrats should be grateful for a guy like Rove, he may have set back the conservative movement by decades, his brand of neoconservatism is now firmly in the minority in the GOP. Rove will go down as a political genius who used his power to allow the most unqualified person of the past century to become President. Rove who saw the election of 2000 and 2004 as turning points in US electoral history didn't realize that although they stole an election in 00 and smeared and scared one in 04, they were anomalies, Bush campaigned as a moderate and governed like anything but, he was on his way to one term wonderland, when 9-11 hit, and we all know the rest of the story. So goodbye Mr. Rove, I'm sure the subpoenas are coming, your years of power are now over, and with the election of 08 hopefully the country will continue our natural progression towards he center-left.

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